Aligning our packaging capabilities with your requirements, UCIC employs the same high level of attention to every aspect of your product.




Hand-cut samples and drawing boards are a thing of the past. UCIC has its own in-house design team with production lines that run around the clock to specifically engineer die cut displays, trays, boxes and much more. Offering limitless options, our CAD system adds character to your packaging with retail ready design features that stand out wherever they go.


Tools Development


UCIC’s dedicated studio and die shop boasts a completely unique service which complements its state of the art machinery. In-house laser cutting, ink blending and plate making systems offer precision control that is unmatched. Sophisticated corrugated machines produce high quality, environmentally sound boxes, that can reliably keep up with ever-increasing demand only limited by your own imagination.

Product Categories

UCIC is proud to have worked with many different customers in a wide range of sectors and industries. These include bottle water producers, beverages, foodstuff, FMCGs, dairy, agriculture, poultry, industrial, fashion, courier, packaging, merchandizing and many more. See our Portfolio to view some of these jobs.

Point-Of-Sale Displays

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Die Cut Boxes

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Wrap-Around Boxes

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Regular Slotted Containers (RSC)

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Jumbo Boxes

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Corrugated Flutes

It’s amazing what can be achieved with just 3 sheets of paper and not much else. Flutes are the building blocks of every cardboard box forming the inner layer that is sandwiched between two layers of linerboard, providing cushioning and rigidity for the contents inside. Ratings from A through F profile the thickness of the corrugation between two sheets (or more, if you wish) of paper. Different profiles meet different needs; opening up a world of possibilities for transporting anything you can think of. But don’t worry; we’re here to help you choose the right one to keep your products safe and sound.


C Flute

Widely used for its superior structural strength, the C Flute can also be stacked easily. It has a density of 41 flutes per foot making it highly suitable for transporting glass & furniture. 



B Flute

Providing good cushioning, stacking and printing capabilities, the B Flute is ideal for holding canned goods and constructing displays with a density of 49 flutes per foot



E Flute

Superior printing surface that shows minimal flute lines or wash boarding; it’s a strong alternative to carton board with a density of 95 flutes per foot.



BC Flute

With the ability to hold large and heavy items, the double walled construction of the BC Flute is perfect for housing air conditioning units and refrigerators. 



BE Flute

The BE flute makes for an excellent printing surface on the outside and its double walled reinforcement means it provides superior strength for your products inside as well, so best of both worlds.